Lectio Divina

The Latin phrase “lectio divina” may be translated as “divine reading.” Lectio divina is a method for praying with the Scriptures. As one reads and invites the Word to become a transforming lens that brings the events of daily living into focus, one can come to live more deeply and find the presence of God more readily in the events of each day.

Lectio Divina typically follows a series of steps.  Begin with a time of quiet prayer asking God to guide your prayer time.  

Sacred Reading of the Scriptures: The reading and rereading of the Scripture passage, with close attention to words, details, themes, and patterns that speak to you.
Meditation: Meditating or reflecting on what you’ve read, to gain understanding. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you spend time pondering what you have read and striving to understand it in meditation.
Prayer: A time to bring your meditative thoughts to God in prayer. Talk with God about how the connections and implications of your meditation on the Scripture affect your life and the lives of those around you.
Contemplation:  A time of quiet and rest, when you become the receiver and listen to God’s voice. Contemplation is a gift from God, not something we achieve on our own—so be patient as you practice this step and strive to be receptive to God’s voice speaking into your life.
Resolution:  A call for resolution and action, inviting you to respond to the things you have read in Scripture and have prayed about and to put them into practice.